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Silk Organza Fabric

The silk organza fabric is a crisp and very sheer fabric, great for bridal dress and garment.

Digital print organza silk fabric MOQ 50 meters per design.

Plain color dyeing silk organza fabric MOQ 200 meters per design

screen color dyeing organza silk fabric MOQ 300 meters per design

Our factory do customized production for meeting clients‘ different  requirements, free silk fabric samples  are supplied to you.   

  • Silk organza fabric is weaved by 100% mulberry raw silk, it is a very sheer and crisp silk fabric. The texture is flat and smooth, a stiff touch feeling. White organza silk fabric is great for bridal dress, eveningwear, bridal veil making.

    Weights: 5.5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm 

    Width: 45"  and 54"

    Worldwide shipping on our silk organza fabrics, custom printing or dyeing for you. Just contact with us to tell your requirements. Whether you live in USA, Australia, Europe, Japan, or Hong Kong, we will deliver the good quality organza silk fabrics to your door.

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